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Who is Scytl? And Why You Should be Aware if You're a Voter

Source: The American Dream

Do you know who is going to be counting the votes on Election Day 2012?  Most Americans never even think about this.  Most Americans just assume that their votes will count and that the government will ensure that the counting process is done honestly and fairly.  But is this really the case?  Sadly, the vast majority of people never take the time to “look behind the curtain” to see how things really work.  If they did, they might find themselves extremely upset about what they would find.  The integrity of our voting process is of the utmost importance.  If we do not have the ballot box, then what avenues for changing our government do we have left?  Unfortunately, the integrity of our elections has been called into question quite a few times in recent years, and now a Spanish company known as Scytl will be involved in reporting election results for hundreds of jurisdictions across the United States this upcoming election day.  Will those election results be accurate?

Join David Cobb from Move to Amend to Abolish Corporate Personhood!


July 31, 2011
2pm – 5pm
For more information call (916) 483-1302

The Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling is just the latest - and most blatant - example that corporations have hijacked our government. The ruling opens the door to a floodgate of corporate money in elections and leaves ordinary citizens little opportunity to participate in our democracy. Corporations are using OUR legal system against us!

Internet Voting In California?

Internet Voting In California?
By Jim Soper
Voting Rights Task Force

Election integrity advocates recently launched a campaign to block a bill, SB908, that would have introduced email voting for Californians living overseas. We fought it for several reasons.

First, paperless voting itself is dangerous because there is no independent way to check the results claimed by the machines, and no way to recover when something goes wrong, and it will. Voting across the Internet is worse, because it opens up the voting system to several more types of attack, from anywhere in the world, all of them dangerous. Voting by email attachment is even worse, because no attempt is made to encrypt the ballot as it travels from computer to computer across the globe on the way to its destination.

"Free Speech for People" House Party

Joan Quinn is hosting a house party on Wednesday evening, January 26th in McKinley Park. It’s part of the Free Speech for People campaign, which is working for a constitutional amendment to put corporations in their place. It’s a big, important campaign and we're excited to be doing our part.

We’d really love to have your help. Can you join us? You can RSVP here:

Wed, Jan 26, 2011
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
415 Alhambra Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95816

Come and take action with us on the one-year anniversary of the "Citizens United" decision. Gather with friends and neighbors who share your commitment to democracy, and learn how we're going to win a Constitutional Amendment and make it clear, once and for all, that Free Speech and other Constitutional rights are for people, not corporations.

Rally Against Citizens United Decision

Rally to mark the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision.

Friday, January 21, 2011 between 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM on the north steps of the Capitol building, Sacramento L Street and 11th Street.

Speakers to be announced. Live folk music. This rally is sponsored by Take Back Our Democracy in Davis and Public Citizen with the participation of Common Cause, Calpirg and other advocacy groups.

Background: Corporate America is raking in more profits than ever before. They are using those dollars to weaken the safety net that protects We The People and to effectively silence us. The new Congress will be stacked with members who owe their allegiance to the vastly wealthy corporations that funded their campaigns.

The Citizens United ruling allows corporations to spend as much money as they wish to sway elections, reward those who act in the interest of Corporate America, and punish those who stand in their way. That erroneous ruling builds upon other court decisions that have given corporations rights they don’t deserve.

FEC Complaint Filed Against Rove's American Crossroads GPS!‏

Big Success Again! Protect Our Elections And Public Citizen File Complaint Against Rove’s American Crossroads GPS For Campaign Finance Violations
Rove Group Operates As a Political Committee But Is Not Registered As One

Our ProtectOurElections campaign yesterday filed a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission against Crossroads Grassroots Political Strategies, an organization created by Republican strategists Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie to influence the midterm elections with huge expenditures of money.

The complaint provides ample reason to believe that Crossroads GPS, which is registered as a nonprofit 501c(4) organization, is in fact a political committee and should be subject to the restrictions and disclosure rules for political committees.

Read the complaint HERE

Crossroads GPS, formed in July 2010 by Rove and Gillespie, a former Republican National Committee chairman, shares offices and employees with American Crossroads, a registered political committee created this year that also is the brainchild of Rove and Gillespie.

Rove has boasted on Fox News that American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS were avenues for donors who have “maxed out” contributions to federal Republican political committees to funnel money into the 2010 elections.

Help "Drain the Corporate-Cronyism, Military-Blood-(and Money)-Sucking Swamp"! Vote 4 HOWIE HAWKINS (NY GOV) & GREEN NEW DEAL!

Howie Hawkins has got a lot of strong things to say about the smokescreen kabuki going on between Cuomo and Palidino. As quoted by Celeste Katz of Daily News:

[Hawkins] "Both want to cut public spending and services in order to keep tax breaks for the wealthy. All that's left to argue about is 'who's the bigger man?' -- and the media's falling for it. Given the chance to debate, I can provide New Yorkers with a competing vision, my prosperity plan vs. their austerity plan."

Hawkins is calling for a "Green New Deal" with a WPA-style green jobs program to put the state's 800,000 unemployed back to work. The plan, according to Hawkins, could be financed with the yearly $16 billion in Stock Transfer Tax funds that are currently rebated right back to Wall Street.

"Cuomo and Paladino whine about the so-called 'budget crisis' but won't even mention the Stock Transfer Tax. Andy and Carl's hot tub reconciliation will come after Election Day, when they're toasting champagne glasses with Wall Street banksters."

I like what Hawkins is asserting these days. Like when he floats the question as to whether the janitor of Trump Towers is paying a higher rate of taxes than Trump himself. Hawkins is the political hero I have been holding out for! THE ALTERNATIVE now that I have pledged to vote "none of the above" (NOTA) to Legacy Democratic Party candidates!

Of course, the media and political machines won't give him air time. But isn't it time to stop holding our noses while voting? Time to stop voting for a hopped-up media/ad-created faux-personality and endorse and enable a real candidate of the people, grounded in principle and integrity?

Alan Singer at Huffpo writes:

Target, stop trying to buy elections!

Target Ain't People

The retail company Target just gave over $150,000 to buy ads supporting a far-right Republican candidate for governor in Minnesota.

That's bad enough. But the stakes are much higher than one candidate and one company. If we don't push back hard, this will just be the tip of the iceberg. Other corporations will learn that they can pour money into elections to buy the outcome they want. So we're sending a message to Target's CEO that we won't shop there if Target continues spending money on elections.

Demand Fair Election Funding

Please join MoveOn and other local groups tomorrow (Tuesday morning) to demand fair election funding.

Karen Bernal and others will be speaking at the event in Sacramento and if you have friends in Santa Rosa, please let them know that Norman Solomon will be speaking at the event there. There is also an event at Lungren's office in Gold River. Over 60 people have already RSVP'd to the Sacramento rally!

If you think there is a fundamental problem with government that only listens to the wealthy super-elite and corporate lobbyists, then please turn out for a rally on Tuesday, Aug. 10 at 11 a.m. in front of the federal courthouse in downtown Sacramento. This rally will be to support a new campaign called “The Other 98%” being organized by Move On.

The premise of “The Other 98” is simple. Federal elected officials and candidates are asked to sign a pledge with three components.

The candidate will work to overturn the recent Supreme Court decision which allows corporations to channel unlimited amounts of money into federal elections.

The candidate pledges to support the Fair Elections Now Act (Common Cause initiated) proposed federal legislation which evens the playing field for candidates who are supported by numerous small donors.

The candidate pledges to support legislation which stops corporate lobbyists from showering federal officeholders with gifts like free meals and travel to exotic locales, and ends the revolving door between federal officials and the higher-paying corporate world.

"Richard Trumka Accepts Labor Party Nod" ......... (okay, not)

This blog by john.halle grabbed my attention at Corrente. Hope this visualization goes viral!

Thu, 07/22/2010 - 12:03pm — john.halle

Could it happen here? The latest in a series.

Comments/discussion welcomed.

Trumka Nominated

Chicago-To the cheers of thousands of rank and file activists, AFL CIO head Richard Trumka accepted the nomination of the newly formed US Labor Party for the Presidency of the United States. Trumka will make his run as the standard bearer of a party fielding a full slate of candidates from the local and state to federal levels, running with the support of all major national and international unions, many peace and environmental organizations, and millions of economically and politically disenfranchised Americans.

Addressing a packed convention center a stone's throw from Chicago's haymarket, Trumka's remarks evoked labor's fallen heros and rekindled themes of radical trade unionism long thought vanquished after generations of hostility to organized labor fomented by right wing think tanks, mainstream media outlets and an army of pro-business lobbyists in Washington.

Election Officials Found Guilty of Election Fraud, Vote Buying

BREAKING: Clay County, KY Election Officials Found Guilty of Election Fraud, Vote Buying

Convicted high-ranking officials include a circuit court judge, county clerk and school superintendent

Each face up to 20 years in broad conspiracy that included manipulation of electronic voting machines...

Posted By Brad Friedman On 25th March 2010 @ 15:24

All eight defendants in Clay County, Kentucky's election fraud trial have been found guilty today by a federal jury. Six of those eight were high-ranking election officials, including the county clerk, a circuit judge and the school superintendent. The conspirators were charged with having manipulated federal elections in 2002, 2004 and 2006 by buying and selling votes and manipulating electronic voting machines.