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Song For Mom: 7 Billion

Help "7 Billion" go viral by Tweeting and reposting on FB and with a message about how a woman in your life has inspired you.

"7 Billion" reflects not only a message of global unity for environmental and social justice, but also acknowledges the struggle and everyday commitment their very own mothers and mothers around the world make to improve the lives of others.

The "7 Billion" video was made by Green For All for the winners of The Dream Reborn Song Contest, designed to encourage artists to submit original music reflecting Dr. King's commitment to social justice. The contest winners Silent C and Invest inspired us all with a very powerful song entitled "7 Billion", which was produced by M.A of Scoop Life Productions, and were able to get the most 'likes' on Facebook for their song.

Green For All is honored to give these two dynamic artists a platform to be heard ( and their message is clear...WE ARE 7 BILLION STRONG!!!!