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Items involving outreach events and planning.

Concert for Civil Liberties

Friday, May 20, 2011 8 p.m.
Marilyn's on K St. 909 K St., Sacramento

Are you ready for a fun evening out on the town in Sacramento, with an excellent line up of live music and a chance to connect with new people who care about the issues that matter the most to you? Join the ACLU of Northern California’s Sacramento Chapter, and three unforgettable bands as we rock the house at Marilyn’s on K Street, on Friday, May 20th.

You’ll hear the sounds of the Family Bandits, Backward Beast and Man/Miracle, and between sets, treated to important updates on two of the ACLU’s most critical campaigns.

Tickets $10 or $5 with ACLU discount (copy of the flyer on this web page [click the pic to enlarge], or the attachment)

A video warning message from the future, about Republicorp

Pretty cool video. If it takes too long, you can go to the link here

Click read more to watch

It might take a minute to download, and if it takes too long you can go to the link here

Climate Change, Causes, Solutions: Will Copenhagen Give Hope?

Monday November 30, 2009
Open at 6:30pm; Program at 7 pm
Garden and Arts Center in McKinley Park
3330 McKinley Blvd-Enter off Park Drive on south side
Free refreshments provided

Matsui To Host Health Care Telephone Town Hall Meeting

Sacramento – Congresswoman Doris O. Matsui (CA-05) will hold a Telephone Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, September 3, 2009 at 7:00pm to discuss H.R. 3200, America’s Affordable Health Choices Act.

To participate in the Telephone Town Hall, constituents just need to visit to sign-up .... All constituents who sign up will then be called on Thursday, September 3, 2009 at the phone number they provide, and automatically connected to the meeting. Due to the tremendous interest in health insurance reform, this format will allow for an unlimited amount of Sacramentans to take part in the meeting. For more information, constituents can also contact Congresswoman Matsui’s Sacramento office at (916) 498-5600.

Read the announcement at Congresswoman Doris Matsui To Host Health Care Telephone Town Hall Meeting

Sign-up at RSVP for Congresswoman Matsui's Health Care Telephone Town Hall

Special event, State Capitol Monday


To address skyrocketing rents at assisted living facilities statewide,Assembly Speaker-Elect Karen Bass (D-LA) has introduced AB 2370. Dubbed "The Atria Bill" by activists, AB 2370 requires all assisted living facilities-or residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFEs)-to disclose and post the last three years' worth of rent increases to better help seniors and their family make an informed decision.

WHEN: Monday, March 3, 2008 * 11 a.m.
WHERE: Capitol West Steps
WHO: Assembly Speaker-Elect Karen Bass (D-LA), Statewide Senior Advocates, Family members and residents of Atria Senior Living facilities

Don't throw it away

Two stories: First, a story on the potential votes of women and how they could effect all elections, and second, how military moms could effect the outcome of the next election.

Millions of Women Still Fail to Cast Ballots

By Jacqueline Lee

Women's eNews

Tuesday 07 August 2007

    US women mark their 87th year of suffrage under the 19th Amendment on August 26. But millions of women remain stubbornly disenfranchised by factors such as under representation, social instability and culture gaps.

    In "Election Day," a documentary about the experiences of voters in the 2004 election, an Ohio woman is shown having trouble casting her ballot. She had moved, and despite re-registering, went to three different poll locations because her name didn't appear on the books.

    "The woman in Shaker Heights is carrying her small child in the morning and she had been getting the runaround and go-around, going from one polling place to the next," said Maggie Bowman, producer of "Election Day," released in March. "A lot of the challenges faced by working people in general are more extreme for working women."

Latino and African American Voters Reassess Ties to GOP,1,2329617.story?coll=la-headlines-politics

Latino and black voters reassessing ties to GOP Clergy and other leaders say promises haven't been kept.
By Peter Wallsten: Times Staff Writer
October 24, 2006

WASHINGTON — A major effort to draw Latinos and blacks into the Republican Party, a central element of the GOP plan to build a long-lasting majority, is in danger of collapse amid anger over the immigration debate and claims that Republican leaders have not delivered on promises to direct more money to church-based social services.

Got your RED on?

Liberty Leading the People, by Eugene Delacroix

Just Wear Red

"My name is Nadia Jensen and I have an idea for a quiet revolution. Please take 5 minutes to read my email and then help me if you can: Here's some history behind this idea: When Norway was occupied by Germany in 1940, Norwegian women began to knit RED caps for children as a way of letting everyone know that they did not like what was happening in their country, that they didn't like having their freedom taken away by the Nazis. My great aunt, Karin Knudson Myrstad, was one of the women who knit red caps for her children and others. Similarly, in Denmark, women knit red-white-and blue caps (colors of the Allies) for the very same reason.

The result was that whenever Norwegians and Danes left their homes -- to go to the store, to work, etc, they could see that the majority opposed what was going on in their country. As you know, both countries organized effective Resistance efforts and changed history -- everything that happened began simply by wearing red!!!! (or the colors of the Allies, in Denmark).

People Before Politics

Haswell vows put people before politics

By: Jenna Nielsen, Journal Staff Writer

Thursday, October 5, 2006 11:28 AM PDT

Rob Haswell's campaign for the open California State Assembly District 4 seat is centered on one thing - the people.

The Democratic candidate quit his full-time job as a technical writer for a software company in January so he could devote more talking to constituents one-on-one, and address their concerns face-to-face.

"Politicians today don't really spend a lot of time talking to voters and I think that is the essence of our democracy," Haswell said. "I want to get people back involved in politics. That is what we need if we are going to get significant change in Sacramento. And to run a true grassroots campaign, I had to throw everything into it."

SOTU Party @ Joey B's 17th/Capitol

California Young Democrats would like to invite all Democrats to view the State of the Union tomorrow night.

Time: Tuesday, January 31 at 5:00 PM - 2 hours

Host: California Young Democrats

Joey B's (Sacramento, CA)
1629 Capitol Ave
Sacramento, CA 95814

Directions: (corner of 17th and Capitol)

Civil Rights Workshop

In case anyone's interested (it says it's for lawyers, but it looks like they might let interested parties attend)

This is the text of an email I recieved about a week ago (too many emails) :)

I'm putting this info out there because the last time I checked - the constitution was STILL the law of the land

When the FBI Knocks: Representing clients in National Security Interviews

Since September 11, 2001, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have conducted thousands of interviews of Muslim and Middle Eastern community members, as well as political activists of various backrounds. Many of these interviews are happening in the Sacramento area and the Central Valley. Individuals have been questioned on their religious practices, political beliefs, friends and family members, and imigration status. This legal training aims to guide attorneys on how to represent individuals called in for questioning.


Sacramento area Representative Contact List

You can always use this D.C. switchboard number to call your Senators or Representatives' offices in DC:

Voter Registration and Education fund: TV commercial

Check out this commercial. Sacramento For Dean's Chris Lehman was the assistant director on it.

Dear Friends:
Welcome to! Take some time to sign up as a member and receive periodic updates on major voter participation efforts in California.

Volunteer to Get Out the Vote! - from Howard Dean

Two years ago, Republicans spent millions of dollars on their Get Out The Vote operations and won tight victories in several close U.S. House races. We're not going to let them do it again this year! Democracy for America volunteers across the country are committing to take time off work to help get out the vote. Can you commit to taking a day off for Democracy to help Democrats win? In many tight races, just a small committment could make the difference.