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Sam Seder asks "Raiding Social Security for giveaways to millionaires?"

Sam Seder asks "Raiding Social Security for giveaways to millionaires?"

FREE Tax Preparation this Saturday!‏

Sat, 01/30/2010 - 9:00am

From Dave Jones...

In collaboration with the Sacramento Coalition for Working Families, I am hosting a FREE tax preparation event this Saturday for families and individuals who earned $49,000 or less in 2009. Here are the details:

Saturday, January 30th
9am – 3pm

Grant High School
1400 Grand Avenue, Sacramento, CA

Call 2-1-1 for an appointment

In these tough economic times, every dollar counts. Why pay to have someone file taxes when you can get free help? In Sacramento County, approximately one in four residents eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) fails to claim it.

California Assembly Panel Votes To Legalize Marijuana

California Assembly Panel Votes To Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana in jarsSince marijuana was criminalized more than 70 years ago, no panel of federal or state lawmakers has ever voted to reverse the ban and legalize it. That streak ended on Tuesday, when a California Assembly committee voted to approve AB 390, sponsored by Assembly Democrat Tom Ammiano, which would legalize, regulate and tax marijuana in the state of California.

The bill passed the Public Safety Committee by a 4-3 vote and now moves to the Health Committee before coming to the Assembly floor for a full vote.

City Governments from Sacramento to L.A. Fund $100's of Millions in Corporate Welfare

You ever wonder why there doesn't seem to be any money for parks or libraries or schools or police or firefighters and why they have to close clinics? But they have a $40 million gift for somebody who doesn't even live here

    The high-end retailer is supposed to be a key player in the K Street renovation, which has already cost the city about $40 million in property-acquisition costs. Joe Zeiden, Z Gallerie's founder and president, has spearheaded similar developments in San Diego and Pasadena.

And can't even run a business

    Now the company, based in Gardena, is retrenching. Twenty-one stores closed last month, the retailer said in its Chapter 11 bankruptcy papers, and three more are expected to close soon. The shutdown lists don't include the two Sacramento-area stores, at Downtown Plaza and Roseville's Fountains shopping center.

And this is just one instance. What they could have done is loan 20 people who actually live here $2 million each, to hire and employ people who actually live here and spread that money around in the local economy, but no, the geniuses get worked again

Los Angeles Corporate Welfare: Ritz-Carlton and AEG

Rich entities siphon taxpayer money while real communities struggle

$5 and Friends - Chris Parker Fundraiser

Chris Parker for Board of Equalization, District 2 in 2010

Date: Monday, August 17, 2009
Time: 5:55pm - 7:55pm
Justin's Backyard
3009 E Street
Sacramento, CA

Bring $5 and Friends to the event. We are keeping this one affordable so everyone can attend.

Check out the new location: Justin Lehr's house. Justin has a huge backyard that will make for a great space to enjoy the fun.

Help me expand the campaign's donor list! Bring friends, family, co-workers, and have a good time.

There will be food, fun, and no-host Bar.

PLEASE RSVP so we can get a good count for food!

On ActBlue:

Surprise! (not!) Derr Gropenfehrer appoints Corporate Lackey to State Board of Equalization

Derr Boobengrabber will try to sell this as him being bi-partisan, but just because you have a "D" after your name doesn't mean you can't be "influenced"

    The pick probably will shift the balance of power on the tax panel, which, despite its low public profile, holds broad influence over corporate taxes

    Horton’s appointment is a coup for California’s business lobby, which has regular dealings with the state Board of Equalization.

From the LATimes via

The California Budget Crisis: The L-Curve and the $11.3 BILLION in ANNUAL Tax Cuts for Corporations and Wealthy

[Take a look at that picture - see that red line? - that represents a billion dollars. Now click on the picture and watch the video on the income disparities in this country, and state, And remember that when Arnold and the Neanderthal Party say "no new taxes", these are the people and corporations that they are fighting for. Also click on the header to read the links in the article. PS If anyone tries implying that Arnold Schwarzenegger is just like them, ask them if they can afford a house like Arnold's]

California State Budget Crisis Not Caused by the Recession

by Peter Phillips last modified Jun 23, 2009 02:10 PM

    Is California's budget crisis a consequence of the recession? Are such analyses short-sighted? Or worse? According to this commentary, they're part of a trend going back to 1993, during which wages and unions have been undermined to protect corporate profits.

    The budget crisis in California has been artificially created by cutting taxes on the wealthiest people and corporations. The current is a shock and awe process designed to undermine wages and unions in the state and force labor concessions to protect corporate profits.

    According to the California Budget Project, tax cuts enacted in California since 1993 cost the state $11.3 billion dollars annually. Had the state continued taxing corporations and the wealthy at rates equal to those fifteen years ago we would not have a budget crisis today.

    Half of all state revenue comes from personal income taxes paid by working people, and another third comes from sales and use taxes. The result is that as a percent of income, taxes hit the lower paid workers the hardest. Corporations only pay for about 1/10th of the state budget. The rest of us are bailing out the rich by accepting massive budget cuts at a time when less spending will only exacerbate the economic situation.

    Unions and working people need to say no to massive state budget cuts, and fight for every service and job possible.

    Chris Parker for Board of Equalization Kickoff Event

    Kickoff Event


    Please join us to support Chris Parker in his effort to gain a seat on the Board of Equalization.

    Date: Wednesday, June 17th
    Time: 6pm - 8pm
    Where: Revolution Wines
    2116 P Street, Sacramento

    Includes 2 glasses of Revolution wines (more available for purchase).

    Donation Levels:
    $40 Individual Ticket

    March of the Ditto Heads

    From the real Truthseeker:

    Shhh . . . .what’s that sound? Is it the drum beat of democracy or the march of the ditto-heads? Today is (chuckle) “tea bag” day for Fox “News” fans, a new holiday celebrating the Obama tax cuts, or something. Poor little things, they don’t really seem to know what they’re protesting. Perhaps they just remember watching Democrats protest the Very Real and Very Bloody and Very Illegal Iraq invasion and occupation and felt all left out and stuff.

    Well, now they’ve got a cause. Maybe. No More Taxes! (What? Obama is going to lower my taxes?) Okay, then No More Government Bailouts! (Huh? Bush was responsible for the TARP bank bailouts? He was? And Fannie and Freddie too?) Well shoot. Anybody got Glen Beck’s phone number? Hannity’s email addy? The code toRush’s earpiece? They’ll tell us why we’re confused!

    Dispatches From The Asylum: They’re Loose!!!!
    April 15th, 2009

    Yippee! Yay! Hoo-ahhhhh! Tea Bag Day!!! It’s here! Time to let those goddam Socialists in the Obama Administration know we ain’t gonna take it any more!!!!! Enough! Let’s go everybody! Hannity will be here soon! And Glenn Beck, God love him. Break the doors down! Grab your signs! C’mon, everybody! Run! The doors are unlocked!

    A New Way Forward: Saturday 11 am State Capitol

    Sacramento, CA
    State Capitol - North Steps
    1200 L-ST.
    Saturday, April 11th, 2009
    11 am - 4 pm PT

    Two weeks ago, we told you about an exciting, youth-led grassroots movement to break up the banks called A New Way Forward.

    On Saturday, A New Way Forward is sponsoring a nationwide day of action to demand that our leaders (1) nationalize (2) reorganize, and (3) decentralize the banks as a first step toward building a more just economy.

    On Saturday, come to a rally near you for speeches, street theatre, petition gathering, and phonebanking to Congress. Add your voice to this growing movement to demand our tax dollars be used to fix our problems, rather than preserve the fortunes of those who created them.

    Legal pot: Bill sees cash harvest for state

    This will probably only work if the "retail" prices are lower than the "street" prices, otherwise people might opt for the cheaper stuff. I wonder how many people are in prison for life because of a marijuana felony (3 Strikes)? It would ease the pressure on the legal medical marijuana patients in this state. Is it really that much worse than other legal drugs (e.g. cigarettes, cigars, vodka, gin, etc...)? Even the Bee's Dan Walters seems to think it is a good idea.

    Legal pot: Bill sees cash harvest for state
    By Jim Sanders - - Published: Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2009 - 12:00 am | Page 1A - Last Modified: Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2009 - 8:10 am

    Smoke weed – help the state?

    Marijuana would be sold and taxed openly in California to adults 21 and older if legislation proposed Monday is signed into law.

    Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, said his bill could generate big bucks for a cash-starved state while freeing law enforcement agencies to focus on worse crimes.

    "I think there's a mentality throughout the state and the country that this isn't the highest priority – and that maybe we should start to reassess," he said.

    DCCC Announces: Lungren Targeted in Major Grassroots Campaign

    The DCCC is continuing their attacks against Lungren (this time with robocalls). Let's hope Bill Durston's health gets better real soon, or we find another great progressive to run against Lungren.

    DCCC Announces: 12 House Republicans Targeted in Major Grassroots Campaign
    DCCC Press:

    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), chaired by Congressman Chris Van Hollen, announced the DCCC is launching the third phase of the Putting Families First campaign on Tuesday targeting Republicans who opposed President Obama's economic recovery bill, the largest component of which is middle class tax cuts to 95 percent of Americans.

    During this phase of the campaign, the DCCC is taking the message of middle class tax cuts and economic recovery directly to Republican Members by mounting a major grassroots campaign that includes phone calls, e-mails, and text messages directly to targeted Republicans' constituents.

    Free Tax Preparation Event This Saturday!

    Dear Friend:

    Help me reach as many people as possible to let them know that there is FREE tax assistance available! And that they may be eligible for MONEY FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!

    I am hosting, with the Sacramento Coalition for Working Families, a free tax preparation event this Saturday, February 7th at the Charles A. Jones Career and Education Center (5451 Lemon Hill Avenue) from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. This event is open to the public and any family or individual with a household income of under $42,000 in 2008 is eligible for this free program. Call 2-1-1 to schedule an appointment.

    In these tough economic times, every dollar counts. Why pay to have someone file your taxes when you can get free help? In Sacramento County, approximately one in four residents eligible for the earned income tax credit (EITC), fails to claim it. The EITC is a federal tax credit for working families and is worth anywhere between $1 and $4,800. By providing free tax assistance for eligible families, we can help connect more working families to the EITC and bring more federal dollars into our local economy.

    Derr Governator's Yacht Party budget plan fails the poor, young and elderly

    [CA-GOP = Yacht Party]

    California budget plan fails the poor, young and elderly


    Posted: 01/11/2009 12:00:00 AM PST

      IF THE MEASURE of a society is how well it takes care of its neediest in times of crisis, then Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's plan to bridge a $40 billion shortfall is an abysmal failure — letting down the poor, the young and the elderly while protecting the largess of the state's wealthiest.

      The governor's budget proposals unveiled New Year's Eve to get the state through the next 18 months acknowledges that California faces a two-part problem. First, state spending is out of sync with revenues, the "structural deficit" that has plagued Sacramento for nearly a decade. And, second, the problem is greatly exacerbated by the country's economic free-fall, which is dragging down tax revenues for California.

      The significance of the latter point is that California can't rely on spending cuts alone to solve the problems. New revenues are also desperately needed to bridge the wide divide. Consequently, the governor is proposing tax increases that in past years he would have abhorred.

      The problem is that the burden falls too heavily on the poor while the upper-class, which has enjoyed the greatest benefit from President Bush's federal income tax cuts, is not being asked to shoulder enough responsibility.

    Arnold is trying to have it both ways; he's saying he's for increasing taxes, but he's only pro tax for sales taxes, which sounds fair until you look at the numbers and see they are very regressive...

    ... and which means they are actually heavily disproportionate on the less affluent, i.e. a poor tax / middle-class tax. But you don't see him or Mike Villines or Dave Cogdill calling to eliminate any corporate tax loopholes like this one (come to think of it I haven't read anything from the CA-GOP Spokesmodel / SacBee opinionator Dan Walters talking about this either ... hmmm, wonder why that is?) that cost the state $361,000,000 in 2007

    . More examples and a very good blue print for the state budget here

    Cut Corporate Loopholes, Not Social Services

    Obama quietly drops windfall tax proposal

    Obama quietly drops windfall tax proposal
    By DAVID IVANOVICH Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle
    Dec. 2, 2008, 10:30PM

    President-elect Barack Obama has quietly shelved a proposal to slap oil and natural gas companies with a new windfall profits tax.

    An aide for the transition team acknowledged the policy shift Tuesday, after a small-business group discovered the proposal — touted throughout much of the campaign — had been dropped from the incoming administration’s Web site.

    “President-elect Obama announced the policy during the campaign because oil prices were above $80 per barrel,” the aide said. “They are below that now and expected to stay below that.”