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Ballot Propositions at the T&C Meeting

October 8 Town & Country Meeting,
7-9 pm, Deterding Park Clubhouse
Ballot Propositions!

We’ll have an overview by a representative of the League of Women Voters, plus we invite anyone who wishes to speak for an individual Proposition to come to this meeting and bring your literature.

1. Safe, Reliable High-Speed Passenger Train Bond Act.

2. Treatment of Farm Animals. Statute.

3. Children’s Hospital Bond Act. Grant Program. Statute.

4. Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor’s Pregnancy. Constitutional Amendment.

5. Nonviolent Offenders. Sentencing, Parole and Rehabilitation. Statute.

6. Criminal Penalties and Laws. Public Safety Funding. Statute.

Progressive Forum 2008 with Bill Fletcher

Progressive Forum 2008
Walnut Suite: University Union. CSU –Sacramento
Oct.9 , 2008. 9 Am – 2 Pm. Free

Join us for a dialogue on current issues facing the progressive movements and their allies in our region. The Progressive Forum seeks to bring together scholars, students, social justice and union activists, and policy makers to nurture a new kind of conversation from within the campus and the social movements. We seek to move beyond the overly fragmented movements each competing with each other to find ways to cooperate and support each other’s work. This forum aims to enhance personal and organizational ties between those engaged in ongoing workplace and community organizing efforts.

9 A.M. Confirmed speakers: Bill Fletcher, author . Solidarity Divided: The Crisis in Organized Labor and a New Path Toward Social Justice.

Iranian American Democrats Rally

Obama for President

What is at stake in this election?

How minorities can support Obama’s campaign?

Confirmed Speakers

· Dr. Bahman Fozouni, Chair of Government Department, Sacramento State University
· Dr. Bill Durston, Candidate for US Congress, 3rd district
· Honorable Heather Fargo, Mayor of Sacramento
· Betty Williams, President of Sacramento NAACP
· Silvia Meruvia-Landers, Chair of Outreach Committee, Sacramento County Central Democratic Committee
· Greg Larkins, Chair of Sacramento County Central Democratic Committee
· Alex Rooker, First Vice Chair of California Democratic Party

Date: October 5, 2008
Time: 4-7 PM
Capitol Plaza Hall
1025 9th Street ( At corner of 9t & K), Sacramento, CA 95814

O-Fest Obama 08

O Fest
Celebrating Obama, '08, October, and getting Bush Out of Office!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
6:30 pm
1616 J Street, Sacramento

At the Door:
General: $20
Under 25, Hardship: $10 rsvp: 916.739.6001

As Wellstoners, we will be joining the Democratic Party of Sacramento County, the Latino Democratic Club, Women Democrats of Sacramento County and others as we come together to support our candidates in the last month before the election. Elected officials and candidates alike will be there, as well as political and community activists. Prominent figures are very likely to show up. All the money raised will go towards reaching as many voters as possible to let them know who our candidates are so we can have a strong showing on Election Day.

The money from the fundraiser will go to paying for a slate mailer that will promote all of the Democrats, from the top of the ticket, on down. The more money we raise, the more people we will be able to reach. We hope you think of your favorite candidates and act on the desire to help them by coming on down to the.......

Beyond the Conventions

Beyond the Conventions
Thursday 04 September 2008 by: Norman Solomon, t r u t h o u t | Perspective

With varying degrees of confidence or even complacency, many people have assumed the jig is almost up for the horrendous political era that began when George W. Bush became president. Always dubious, the assumption is now on very shaky ground.

The Bush-Cheney regime may be on its last legs, but a new incarnation of right-wing populism is shadowing the near horizon.

Much as modern capitalism is always driven to promote new products in the marketplace, the corporate-fundamentalist partnership must reinvent and remarket itself. We're now seeing the rollout of a hybrid product under the McCain-Palin brand.

San Francisco Mime Troupe's political comedy "Red State" comes to Sacramento

San Francisco Mime Troupe show comes to the Sacramento Area.

Saturday, September 6th

Southside Park Bandshell Area


6th & T Street, Sacramento

Music starts at 4:30pm

Ticket Info: Free (Donation)

Sunday, September 7th

Community Park


East 14th & F Street, Davis

Music starts at 4:30pm

Ticket Info: Free (Donation)

The Palin Choice and the Reality of the Political Mind - George Lakoff

The Palin Choice and the Reality of the Political Mind
George Lakoff - Posted September 1, 2008 | 05:27 PM (EST)

This election matters because of realities -- the realities of global warming, the economy, the Middle East, nuclear proliferation, civil liberties, species extinction, poverty here and around the world, and on and on. Such realities are what make this election so very crucial, and how to deal with them is the substance of the Democratic platform (PDF).

Election campaigns matter because who gets elected can change reality. But election campaigns are primarily about the realities of voters' minds, which depend on how the candidates and the external realities are cognitively framed. They can be framed honestly or deceptively, effectively or clumsily. And they are always framed from the perspective of a worldview.

The Obama campaign has learned this. The Republicans have long known it, and the choice of Sarah Palin as their vice presidential candidate reflects their expert understanding of the political mind and political marketing. Democrats who simply belittle the Palin choice are courting disaster. It must be taken with the utmost seriousness.

Jimmy Carter Conspicuously Absent From Podium

Jimmy Carter Conspicuously Absent From Podium
By Brett Lieberman and Nathan Guttman - Thu. Aug 28, 2008
Forward - The Jewish Daily

Denver — Former president Jimmy Carter’s controversial views on Israel cost him a place on the podium at the Democratic Party convention in late August, senior Democratic operatives acknowledged to the Forward.

Breaking with the tradition of giving speech time to living former presidents, convention organizers honored Carter with only a short video clip highlighting his work with Hurricane Katrina victims and a brief walk across the Pepsi Center stage.

The sidelining of Carter was driven by recognition in the Obama camp and among Democratic leaders that giving the former president a prominent convention spot might alienate Jewish voters.

“What more could we do to diss Jimmy Carter?” said a Democratic official who was involved in deliberations on how to handle the former president’s presence at the convention. The treatment Carter received, the official added, “reflects the bare minimum that could be done for a former president.”

Don't Make Afghanistan the Democrats' War

Don't Make Afghanistan the Democrats' War
The Nation - posted by Katrina vanden Heuvel on 08/28/2008 @ 12:47am

Barack Obama not only had the good judgment to oppose the war in Iraq, he argued for the need "to end the mindset that took us into" that war. So it is troubling that a man of such good judgment is now ramping up his rhetoric about how we need to end the war in Iraq to focus on what he calls the "central front in the war on terror"--Afghanistan.

In his convention speech Wednesday night, Vice-Presidential nominee Joe Biden sounded hawkish notes --not only in flagrantly misrepresenting the Georgia-Russia crisis but in talking about Afghanistan. (This holds true not just for the two Senators, but for too many Democrats in Washington who argue, mantra-like, that we need to leave Iraq in order to free additional troops to serve in "the right war.)

Last month, the bipartisan Rand Corporation concluded in an important report that the very notion of a "war on terror" is counterproductive, and that intelligence and police cooperation should be the centerpiece of our strategy. More recently, New York Times columnist Tom Friedman--no milquetoast when it comes to using military force--criticized the Dems' position on Afghanistan as ill-conceived "bumper sticker politics." Friedman quoted a valuable Time article by Afghan expert Rory Stewart. Reporting from Kabul, Stewart explains: " A troop increase is likely to inflame Afghan nationalism because Afghans are more anti-foreign than we acknowledge, and the support for our presence in the insurgency areas is declining...The more responsibility we take in Afghanistan, the more we undermine the credibility and responsibility of the Afghan government and encourage it to act irresponsibly."

In Search of the Elusive PUMAs

In Search of the Elusive PUMAs
The Nation - posted by Katha Pollitt on 08/26/2008 @ 11:35am - Monday, August 25

Good Omen: the people sitting in front of me on the plane read The Nation! Anna and Russ from Washington DC are coming to the convention as tourists. Apparently a lot of people are doing this. Who knew? Anna and Russ are huge Obama fans, and (like everyone I will meet today) are confident he will win in November. For extra fun they've brought along their two year old, Juliet. Brave souls. "What do you say about George Bush?" says Anna, using her singsong mommy voice. "Do you remember what we call George Bush?" I imagine it's something not too favorable, but Juliet, who has clearly already begun her life in politics, just gives a diplomatic smile.

You're not supposed to write about interviewing cabbies, which is too bad because the extremely good-looking and cheerful Somali driver who takes me into downtown Denver has a lot of interesting things to say about American intervention in Africa that I'll just keep to myself. But I have to report that, like most of the taxi drivers I've met in the last year, he's for Obama. "America used to be admired all over the world. It's fixable! If foreign policy changes, America is America again." Put that way, it sounds so simple. "If he loses, it's because of race. When people say 'we don't know who he is' -- that's race. When people say, 'he's really a Muslim' -- that's race. He went to a Christian church for twenty years, but he's really a Muslim? What kind of a Muslim is that?" Not for the first time, I'm struck by how many ordinary people not only have as much political acumen as most pundits, but have learned to talk like them too. Why can't this driver go on TV, and Chris Matthews drive a cab?

Willie Brown Said "Obama Needs To Bring More Excitement"

I cant find a youtube clip of it but yesterday on Hardball, Willie Brown was saying that alot of democrats are worried with Obama as of late.

He went on to explain that in the primaries, Obama was dynamic and showing us what he was bringing to the game. Brown stated that Obama has been less exciting and needed to keep the excitment coming..

Obama - Kennedy?

An open letter from Michael Moore to Caroline Kennedy. What do you think about this?

Dear Caroline,

We've never met, so I hope you don't find this letter too presumptuous or inappropriate. As its contents involve the public's business, I am sending this to you via the public on the Internet. I knew your brother John. He was a great guy, and I know he would've had a ball during this thrilling and historic election year. We all miss him dearly.

Barack Obama selected you to head up his search for a vice presidential candidate. It appears we may be just days (hours?) away from learning who that choice will be.

The media is reporting that Senator Obama has narrowed his alternatives to three men: Joe Biden, Evan Bayh and Tim Kaine. They're all decent fellows, but they are far from the core of what the Obama campaign has been about: Change. Real change. Out with the old. And don't invade countries that pose no threat to us.

Senators Biden and Bayh voted for that invasion and that war, the war Barack ran against, the war Barack reminded us was the big difference between him and Senator Clinton because she voted for the war and he spoke out against it while running for Senate (a brave and bold thing to do back in 2002).

Why have gas prices gone down? Thank DiFi and friends for closing the Phil Gramm (McCain advisor) Enron oil speculator loophole

[Yea, I know ... shocking! Usually I'm bashing Dianne Feinstein for her enabling of all things Bush and Republican, but this time she actually stood up to the corporate overlords and took our side, by that I mean average people -- my mouth is agape. And I have no idea if she happens to read this website - prolly not - but coincidentally about a week after this post she started talking about closing oil speculator loopholes]

How Democrats made your gas cheaper

by Steven R
Fri Aug 08, 2008 at 10:28:55 AM PDT


    It’s the "Enron loophole," which exempts energy speculators who make trades electronically from US regulation. Some argue that the unregulated energy speculation, codified in 2000, can account for $20 to $25 in the jump in oil prices.

    But now, 8 years after energy traders were able to push legislation exempting their electronic trades of energy futures from US regulation, a measure in the Farm Bill aims to close the loophole and subject futures trades made electronically inside the United States to US law.

    "This bill is really our best bet to deter unscrupulous traders from manipulating energy prices and engaging in excessive speculation. This has been a long, hard road – and this is a major legislative victory," Said California Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein after the Senate passed the underlying Farm Bill on a broad, bipartisan basis.

    Specifically, according to her office, the bill would "require electronic energy traders to provide an audit trail and record-keeping, monitor for market manipulation, and increase financial penalties for cases of market manipulation and excessive speculation."

Arkansas Democratic Party chairman is gunned down

Arkansas Democratic Party chairman is gunned down
Bill Gwatney, a well-known former Arkansas legislator, is slain in his Little Rock office. The gunman is later shot and killed by sheriff's deputies.
By Miguel Bustillo - Los Angeles Times Staff Writer - August 14, 2008

The chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party was shot and killed Wednesday by a man who barged into his Little Rock office.

The suspect fled, apparently to the Arkansas Baptist State Convention about six blocks down the street, where he threatened a security guard. When he left there, sheriff's deputies gave chase and shot him after a 30-minute pursuit, authorities said. He later died.

Police identified the gunman as Timothy Dale Johnson, 50, of Searcy, the Associated Press reported. Johnson's motive remained a mystery.

Platform Fight: Activists Win Commitment to Guaranteed Care

Platform Fight: Activists Win Commitment to Guaranteed Care
posted by John Nichols on 08/09/2008 @ 10:49pm

"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane." -- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Pressured by progressive activists who objected to the tepid language in a draft document prepared by the Barack Obama campaign, the Democratic platform-writing committee reworked the party's official agenda Saturday to include a clear commitment "that every American man, woman and child be guaranteed to have affordable, comprehensive health care."

The official draft, which was adopted at the platform committee's gathering in Pittsburgh, will now be submitted to the Democratic National Convention for approval.

The platform is likely to adopted without a fight at the Denver convention where Illinois Senator Barack Obama will be nominated for president.