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Dump the GOP

Dump the GOP
Friday 13 February 2009 - by: William Rivers Pitt, t r u t h o u t | Columnist

Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.
- Mark Twain

Former GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough was doing his MSNBC morning yak-fest on Friday, and made a comment about how President Obama's newly-finalized stimulus package has "greatly offended Republicans." His guests all agreed with solemnly nodding heads, yeah, you're right, Joe, Obama offended the Republicans. Greatly and stuff.

This grim pronouncement came on the heels of GOP Sen. Judd Gregg's stunning announcement that he was withdrawing as Obama's nominee for commerce secretary. Citing irreconcilable differences between himself and the Obama administration on the stimulus bill as well as the upcoming census, Gregg said, "The bottom line is, this was simply a bridge too far for me."

Gregg's sudden announcement delivered a rather significant four-pronged screwing to the Obama administration. First, it stepped all over a news cycle that should have been dominated by a triumphant White House awaiting delivery of the finalized stimulus bill for signature. Second, Gregg's withdrawal let him vote on the final bill, a certain "no" vote. Third, it gave further voice to the preposterous Congressional GOP claims of being shut out of the process by the administration. Fourth, it adds another page to the ever-lengthening storyline of Obama's nomination troubles.

Blacklisting Progressives: The Untold Story Beneath the Daschle Headlines

Blacklisting Progressives: The Untold Story Beneath the Daschle Headlines
by: David Sirota - Tue Feb 03, 2009 at 16:46

Amid the swirling headlines about Tom Daschle withdrawing his nomination for Health and Human Service Secretary is a very dark, very foreboding story that tells us a lot more about what to expect from the Obama administration than a single nomination fight. It is a story that every single voter who supported Barack Obama because of his progressive economic platform should know about - and worry about.

As every newspaper in America has been happy to report, Daschle worked with venture capitalist Leo Hindery after he left the Senate. Hindery was a top economic adviser to John Edwards and later to Barack Obama, and many had floated his name for U.S. Trade Representative or Commerce Secretary. Now, though, that won't be happening, as anyone mentioned near the Daschle flap is being shunned by the Obama administration.

But is that really why someone as accomplished as Hindery was never seriously considered for a top economic post in the administration? The media and the Obama administration would like us to believe yes - but the answer is no. It has far less to do with the Daschle situation and far more to do with Hindery's progressive economic ideology.

The Return of Triangulation by Norman Solomon

The Return of Triangulation
by Norman Solomon - Published on Monday, January 19, 2009 by

The mosaic of Barack Obama's cabinet picks and top White House staff gives us an overview of what the new president sees as political symmetry for his administration. While it's too early to gauge specific policies of the Obama presidency, it's not too soon to understand that "triangulation" is back.

In the 1990s, Bill Clinton was adept at placing himself midway between the base of his own party and Republican leaders. As he triangulated from the Oval Office -- often polarizing with liberal Democrats on such issues as "free trade," deregulation, "welfare reform" and military spending -- Clinton did well for himself. But not for his party.

New Assemblywoman is walking a political tightrope

New Assemblywoman is walking a political tightrope - Published Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009

Imagine, if you will, a legislator on a tightrope.

At one end is her caucus, an aggressively liberal collection of Democrats. At the other are the labor groups who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get her elected.

And below, waiting to stomp her flat should she make a serious misstep, are her constituents, who, politically speaking, are neither fish nor fowl when it comes to having a dominant collective ideology.

What you're looking at is Alyson Huber of El Dorado Hills, who for seven weeks has represented the 10th Assembly District. Or Joan Buchanan of Alamo, who for the same amount of time has represented the 15th Assembly District.



Please join us for an evening of live music and dancing to celebrate hope for change and national unity with the inauguration of President Obama and Vice President Biden on Tuesday, January 20, 2009. Everyone is welcome: wearing ball gowns to blue jeans!

Chris Matthews gives Howard Dean his due

Chris Matthews gives Howard Dean his due

by Jed L - Thu Jan 08, 2009 at 10:35:04 AM PST

One day before the announcement of Tim Kaine as the incoming chair of the DNC, Chris Matthews heaped praise Howard Dean for successfully implementing a 50-state strategy and turning the DNC around.

Matthews asked Dean what his future plans are. Dean said he'd be doing some work in the private sector, but most importantly, would push for the health care reform this country needs.

Wellstone Dems Jan. 7th Meeting - Soup's On!

Wellstone Democratic Club of Sacramento January Meeting - Soup's On!

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 7, 7-9pm
Arden-Dimmick Library
891 Watt Av (Watt & Northop Ave)

You might have noticed the title of our subject line. In addition to being cold and damp these days, we've decided to have some fun over a serious subject. Last month it was reported that Campbell's Soup had come under fire from the AFA (American Family Association) and other conservative and religious groups for daring to put out a full page ad showing (gasp!) a lesbian couple and their child enjoying soup together. To read more about the idiocy of these knuckle-draggers, check out

We thought, what better way to fight the cold and show support for companies that do the right thing than by having a Campbell's Soup Potluck! We encourage everyone to put their money where their mouth is and come to Wednesday's meeting with a can of Campbell's soup, a mug or a bowl, and a spoon! If you want to really get into it, bring a soup + concoction, or bring something to go with soup -- but keep it simple. Our main intent is to practice what we preach on a very everyday and down to earth level. If you'd like to bring something other than Campbell's soup, please let Glenda Wertenberger (our hospitality coordinator) know, so we can avoid having too many of any one item. Contact her at paulindaw AT or 916.723.9930.

Our January Agenda includes a presentation by ECOS on developing communities with minimal environmental impact, Assembly District Delegate Elections on January 10th and 11th, a short talk on Presidential Electors and the Electoral College, the upcoming Presidential Inauguration and a raffle, among other things. As always, the agenda is subject to change depending on events that may affect it. Check future emails for updates ahead of the meeting.


For immediate release:


WASHINGTON, DC – The Nation magazine has named Progressive Democrats of America its Most Valuable Political Group of 2008.

"Paul Wellstone's 'Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party' finally has a functional voice," wrote John Nichols in a roundup of the "Most Valuable Progressives of 2008."
Nichols stated that PDA has "over the past several years struggled mightily--and often effectively--to pull the party to the left on issues of war and peace, health-care reform, economic justice and presidential accountability." He noted the group's highly visible role in the Democratic national convention in August, where PDA successfully fought for more progressive platform positions on healthcare and trade and organized a series of well attended policy-related events.

"We're very grateful to The Nation for recognizing the hard work of our grassroots leaders in cities and towns across the country," said PDA Executive Director Tim Carpenter. "It's great to see their efforts acknowledged in this way."

Amador County Inauguration Party

The Amador County Democratic Central Committee
Joyously invites our great Volunteers and Supporters
To a Thank You and Victory Party
on Inaugural Night
Tuesday, January 20th from 7 to 9 p.m.
At the Jackson Elks Club Lodge
12500 Kennedy Flat Road

Placer County Inauguration Party

We have all just participated in truly one of the most historic elections in American history.
Now is the time to celebrate! We would like all of you "agents of change" who worked so
tirelessly over this past year in Placer County to join together for a fun and friendly local

Governor Gone Wild: Blagojevich Busted

If these allegations are true (I know, he's innocent until proven guilty, but come-on...), then I hope they throw the book at him. This is exactly the kind of thing that turns people off from politics. Maybe he'll be able to room with Jack Abramoff or some of these other guys.

Governor Gone Wild: Blagojevich Busted
posted by John Nichols on 12/09/2008 @ 12:08pm

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, a scandal-plagued Democrat who among other things was preparing to appoint a senatorial successor to President-elect Barack Obama, was arrested Tuesday by FBI agents on what can only be described as breathtaking charges of corruption.

Needless to say, this is more than just another bust of another allegedly crooked governor of a state that has sent a good many of chief executives to prison -- including Blagojevich's predecessor, Republican George Ryan.

What are the ramifications?

First off, Obama is going to face questions about Blagojevich, a fellow Chicago pol with whom the president elect served in the Illinois statehouse during the period from 2003 to 2005 when Blagojevich was governor and Obama was a state senator. The president-elect is not saying much beyond a standard "it's a sad day for Illinois" lamentation.

DPSC/Democratic Clubs Holiday Party

The DPSC/Democratic Clubs
Holiday Party
Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2008
6-9 pm

Location: Azukar/Trada’s
1616 J St (next door to Hamburger Patty’s and The Beat)

Asian themed light buffet provided; no-host bar

And… let’s show that we too can share! Please bring an unwrapped toy for the Western Service Workers or select a foster child from Nepenthean Homes Foster Agency (Kerri Asbury will have details at the party.) Also bring 1 can of food benefitting the Sacramento Food Bank.

Wellstone Dems Dec. 3rd Meeting

December Meeting

Wednesday, December 3rd, 7pm-9pm

At the Colonial Heights Library
4799 Stockton Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95820

Join us for our last meeting of 2008! On the agenda this month:

1. The Assembly District Caucus elections are coming up in January. Have you ever thought about becoming a Delegate? Find out how to run, and support other Wellstone members who will be running.

2. What part would you like to play in the future of the Wellstone Democratic Club? Elections for Club Officers will be held in March – is there an office you’d like to hold? Find out what the job description is for each office and start thinking about who you’d like to see in here next year.

3. In the spirit of the season, we’re working with the DPSC/Democratic Clubs to make this holiday a little brighter for children at the Nepenthean Homes Foster Agency.

A Media Parable for "the Center" by: Norman Solomon

A Media Parable for "the Center"
Thursday 20 November 2008 - by: Norman Solomon, t r u t h o u t | Perspective

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton exit Clinton's office in Harlem after a lunch meeting. The myth of the former president's "lurch to the left" may tinge the media's view of the president-elect's early days in office. (Photo: Mario Tama / Getty Images)

It's been 16 years since a Democrat moved into the White House. Now, the fog of memory and the spin of media are teaming up to explain that Barack Obama must hew to "the center" if he knows what's good for his presidency.

California's Proposition 4: no, No, and NO again!

Proposition 4 is another bad anti-choice proposal: parental notification, an automatic child abuse investigation if the young woman doesn't want to notify her parents and can't find a judge to approve. And if she is able to find a judge, the judge then has to declare her mature enough, and the judges have to make annual reports, county-by-county, on how many abortions are approved for young women each year.

Proposition 4 on the general election ballot is an initiative measure to amend the California State Constitution to impede a minor's ability to obtain an abortion, even in the case of rape or incest. This is all too familiar. Twice in the past three years, Californians have narrowly defeated two similar measures -- Propositions 73 in November, 2005 and 85 in November, 2006. But this time, the measure is in danger of passing. A poll (caution: .pdf file) conducted by the Field Research Corporation has it at Yes 49, No 41, with 10 percent undecided as of September 26th. All of this in a state that is 71% pro-choice.

Proposition 4 changes the California Constitution to prohibit abortion for minors caution -- large .pdf file -- until 48 hours after physician notifies the young woman’s parent or legal guardian. To make matters worse, it mandates reporting requirements, including reports from physicians regarding abortions on minors, and it authorizes civil damage awards against physicians for violations.

It gets worse for young women in potentially abusive situations. In this case, the physician would be allowed to skip the notification only if an equivalent notice has been delivered

... to an adult family member designated by the unemancipated minor and has made a written report of known or suspected child abuse concerning to unemancipated minor to to the appropriate law enforcement or public child protective agency. Such report shall be based on a minor's written statement that she fears physical, sexual, or severe emotional abuse from a parent who would otherwise be notified and that her fear is based on a pattern of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse of her exhibited by a parent. The physician shall also include the minor's statement with his or her report and shall also retain a copy of the statement and the report in the minor's medical records. The physician shall also include with the notice a letter informing the adult family member that a report of known or suspected child abuse has been made concerning the minor and identifying the agency to which the report was made. The minor shall be informed that the notice and the letter will be delivered to the adult family member she has designated.