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From 'The Ca. GOP are a bunch of morans [sic], and you can't make this up' file

Morans. Watch the video below for a trip down memory lane

GOP Millionaires to Gather at Luxury Resort to Discuss California Republican Party's Image Problem

    It is no wonder that the California Republicans are a train wreck.

    Get a load of this: In this morning's edition of the Capitol Morning Report, a Sacramento insiders newsletter, there was announcement of a California Republican Reformers Weekend, where a few of the party's elite were going to spend three days discussing the "California Republican Party's poor branding and communication problems and how to fiix them."

    And where were they going to do it? At the Hyatt Monterey Hotel & Spa, described in the lodge's brochure as "Monterey's largest luxury conference hotel" with "a host of pampering activities."

    You can't make this stuff up.

    Because a bunch of millionaires hanging out at a luxury hotel ought to do wonders for the GOP image. Because, you know, voters don't associate California Republicans as being rich and out-of-touch with the middle class, right.