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NATO slowly admits what the Libyan government has said all along

This post might upset some people, because for many, going after Kadaffi is a good thing. But I'm not so sure he's the monster he's been portrayed to be. And it's a long story to explain what, and who's behind "The Arab Spring" movement (sounds like a commercial for a bar of soap) throughout the Middle East. For background go through the archives here and make up your own mind. For a quick overview, watch the video; here's the youtube version

NATO's Terror Over Tripoli

NATO slowly admits what the Libyan government has said all along.

    Bangkok, Thailand June 19, 2011 - The NATO excursion into Libya started with disingenuous humanitarian concerns translated into a no-fly zone, which incrementally transitioned into attacks on Qaddafi's ground forces, targeted assassinations against Qaddafi himself, then talk of destroying civilian infrastructure and a full-out ground invasion. NATO declared mid-May that it would be "increasing the range of targets" it could hit, including "government infrastructure." With a residential area hit and NATO playing dumb over its role in murdering the very civilians it is supposedly protecting, it appears they made good on their promise.

    The key to Qaddafi's long reign, his survival and resistance in the face of NATO's relentless attacks is the support he garners from his own people. While the mainstream media preys on the ignorance of its audience, those who took the time to examine the demographics of Libya would realize the current fighting is split along traditional tribal lines where animosity has existed, and in fact been funded and fostered by the West for at least three decades. With NATO incapable of handing their inept terrorist stooges on the ground the country with airstrikes alone, it appears they are attempting the same terroristic "shock and awe" tactics used against Iraq to break the will of the population with overwhelming violence.