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No surprise, Libyan war built on lies also!

From A status report on our intervention in Libya. Historians will find this farce fascinating.

Did you hear that mad dog Gaddafi is on the loose? Hide the women and children?
"We’re conned again. Just like “remember the Maine”, the Tonkin Gulf resolution, and Saddam’s nukes."

So far there is no real evidence that Gaddafi intended to massacre anybody in Libya. Nor was a genocide about to happen. It appears that the foreign intervention was started by the French but the war started as a civil war.

Without Congressional approval, Obama's war actions in Libya and Pakistan are a violation of the Constitution. "If Obama goes it alone, he must return to Bush-era assertions that the president, as commander-in-chief, can unilaterally launch the nation into war."

This is a historical moment where Americans are allowing the President to wage war at will for any reason. Future Presidents will refer to this moment to justify any war. The only Constitutional remedy is to impeach the President.

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