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Urgent Action Alert: Support Approval of Klamath TMDL

This is an urgent action alert from Craig Tucker, Klamath Coordinator for the Karuk Tribe, urging people to support approval of the Klamath TMDL by contacting the State Water Resources Control Board.


Urgent Action Alert: Support Approval of Klamath TMDL

Please support the approval of the Klamath TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) by the State Water Resources Control Board by contacting the Board by phone, fax and email.

The TDML is a limit on how much of different pollutants are allowed in a river. The water board will considers approving the Klamath TMDL on Tuesday September 7 at their meeting in Sacramento at the EPA building at 1001 I Street. The meeting is set from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The TMDL is the product of years of hard work by regional board staff with significant input from the Karuk Tribe as well as other Tribes in the basin, fishing and conservation groups. It is the Karuk’s position that the TMDL as recommended by staff improves protections for the river and holds polluters accountable – including PacifiCorp- owner of the Klamath dams.

In fact, a strong TMDL provides additional incentive to PacifiCorp to ‘stay the course’ on the dam removal agreement. However, PacifiCorp is urging the Board to reject the TMDL and send it back to staff for yet another re-write.

Please contact the Board members today and tell them to support the Klamath TMDL. The TMDL:
- Protects cold water refugial areas from gold miners
- Sets firm limits on Klamath water pollution
- Addresses blooms of toxic algae behind PacifiCorp dams
- Mandates that PacifiCorp reservoirs cannot affect water temperature. Currently the dams have a dramatic effect on water temperature and fish migration.
- Was peer reviewed for scientific credibility

The time has come to hold Klamath polluters accountable – urge the State Water Board to take a stand for clean water!

Contact info:

Call Board secretaries: 916 341-5615

Fax Board at 916 341-5620

Email Board members:

Art Baggett: abaggett [at]
Tam Doduc: TDoduc [at]
Charlie Hoppin: choppin [at]
Walt Petittit: wpettit [at]
Fran Spivy-Weber: fspivy-weber [at]

For more information, contact: S. Craig Tucker
Klamath Coordinator
Karuk Tribe
cell: 916-207-8294
home office: 707-839-1982
ctucker [at]