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Cuban, U.S and Honduran Doctors Work Together on Medical Brigades to Honduras

Cuban, U.S and Honduran Doctors Work Together on Medical Brigades to Honduras

by Dan Bacher

While the Bush administration has taken an increasingly hostile stance toward Cuba, U.S. and Cuban doctors worked together for the first time this May during an historic 7-day Medical Brigade to Honduras.

West Coast Democrats Force Commerce Secretary to Grant Some Relief for Salmon Fishermen

Secretary Of Commerce Announces Some Relief For Salmon Fishermen

By Dan Bacher

In a surprise decision prompted by intense political pressure by West Coast Democrats, the Department of Commerce announced on July 6 that it was taking the initial steps to declare a “Klamath River Fishery Resource Disaster” to help California and Oregon commercial fishermen impacted by severe fishing restrictions over the past two years.

Sacramento Protests Assault on Palestinians

Media Advisory: July 7, 2006

Contacts: Lara Kiswani 530.220.2842 or John Batarseh 916.712.3063

More info:

Sacramento Protests Assault on Palestinians

Responding to the recent Israeli siege on Gaza and humanitarian crisis resulting from the US-Israeli imposed starvation campaign of the Palestinian people, demonstrators will be standing in support of the Palestinian people on Tuesday, July 11, 2006 at 16th & J Streets in Sacramento from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Bohemian Grove Protest on July 22 at Monte Rio (Sonoma County)

Don't miss the Bohemian Grove Protest, now in its 26th year, on July 22 beginning at 1 pm in the main Monte Rio parking lot in western Sonoma County. There is a great, diverse list of speakers before the march, along with music and food starting at 4 pm. We need a big crowd to expose the corrupt, war mongering "leaders" of the world corporate/political elite.

Bureau of Reclamation Limits Access to Winnemem Wintu Ceremonial Site

The Coming of Age (Balas Chonas Winyupnus) Ceremony, set from July 8 through 11, 2006 on the McCloud River at Lake Shasta, will highlight the failure of the Bureau of Reclamation to protect the religious freedoms of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe.

Delta In Crisis, But Water Board Extends Ag Waivers For Five Years

By Dan Bacher

The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board voted on June 22 to extend waivers for discharges from irrigated farm land for five years, in spite of pleas from a coalition of anglers, farmworkers and environmental justice advocates to subject agribusiness to the same general discharge permit that others have to abide by.

Representative Miller and West Coast Democrats Fight for Federal Aid to Salmon Fishermen

Here's the press release that George Miller's Office sent out today regarding the refusal of the Bush regime and the Republican Congress to give immediate disaster relief to salmon fishermen forced off the water by the decimation of the Klamath River salmon fishery. The Karl Rove-engineered change in water policy in 2002 produced the Klamath fish kills of spring and fall 2002 and huge juvenile fish kills every spring and summer over the past three years.

Press Release: Tribu to Perform Zapatista Benefit Concert in Sacramento July 6


For Immediate Release: 6-25-06

Press Contact: Mario Galvan, Zapatista Solidarity Coalition, (916) 443-3424, or by e-mail:

TRIBU to perform in Sacramento July 6th

Billionaire Buffett Gives to Charity While His Dams Kill Salmon

While Billionaire Warren Buffett says he intends to work with the Gates Foundation to donate billions of dollars to charity, one of his subsidiaries owns dams on the Klamath River that are killing salmon.

Organic Sacramento Action Alert: Oppose the "Monsanto Law," SB1056

Please show up at the hearing for SB 1056 tomorrow in Sacramento. If you can't,
please email a letter to your Legislator opposing this anti-democratic legislation
that makes it illegal for citizens to pass voter initiatives to protect themselves

Broad Coalition Urges Water Board To Stop Agribusiness Water Pollution

Broad Coalition Urges Water Board To Stop Agribusiness Water Pollution

By Dan Bacher

While municipalities, industry and other water users are subject to water quality standards when they discharge waste water into rivers and streams, agribusiness in the Central Valley and other areas of California continue to be exempt from the same pollution controls that others must live by.

The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Board) in July 2003 issued waivers for waste discharges from irrigated farm land, in spite of protests by the Clean Waters/Clean Farms coalition, a wide ranging coalition of fishing, farming and environmental justice organizations.

That waiver, adopted in July 2003 under pressure from powerful San Joaquin Valley agribusiness interests, provided for the establishment of “voluntary coalitions” comprised of farmers to establish voluntary programs to address agriculture’s massive pollution of Central Valley waterways.

The Board, in its meeting in Rancho Cordova on June 22, will vote whether or not to extend these waivers.

Action Alert: Stop the Water Board from Granting Waivers to Ag Water Polluters

People concerned about water quality in California's Central Valley to stop agribusiness from polluting our rivers and the Delta-Bay Estuary should attend the hearing in Rancho Cordova on June 22! Here's an action alert from environmental activist Bill Jennings: